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Come Hungry Sermon series

The prophet Habakkuk lived over 2600 years ago during the time of the Babylonian captivity of the nation of Israel and the ministry of the prophet Jeremiah. That’s about all we know about his life. But his message rings as true today as it did in ancient times. Habakkuk was the first prophet, not just to question the people of God, but to question God himself. Habakkuk, like Job, wrestled with the injustices of life, the unfairness of evil and suffering, and with where God was in the midst of all that pain.

All of us at some point have questioned God’s plan, His will or His answer. Faith does not mean we will never question God. Come find out during this series how questions can lead to deeper faith and a renewed confidence in the will of God.



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Each Sunday morning at Oak View, we provide opportunities for dynamic, life-changing worship and relevant Bible teaching that relates to everyday life. 



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Jim Gerlach has served as Oak View's pastor since 2005. Through sermons that are both practical and thought-provoking, Jim strives to lead our church to become more like Christ in our daily lives.





Music plays a vital role in the worship services at Oak View. Our music serves as a tool through which our spirits are lifted in worship to God. Stylistically, we believe in a blended worship that includes something for all ages and preferences.
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